Information about GDPR

  • The (EU) 2016/679. (GDPR) regulation of the European Parliament and Council phrases fundamental principles and secures the frame of its congruity.

This regulation must be used:

  • if personal data is fully or partially handled in an automated way
  • if the data handling is not automated, but it is a part of a registry system, or it is going to be a part of a registry system in the future

This regulation is mandatory for data managers and data processors in the region of the EU, who have a registered place of business.

  • Personal data: The natural person is directly or indirectly identifiable

In this case: the IP address of the user

If he also fills in an order form: Name, phone number, electronical mail address (email address)

Data manager: the person, who independently determines the aims and instruments of the data management.

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  • Data operator: the person, who manages the personal data on behalf of the data manager
  • Affected person: the owner of the personal data
  • Data protection incident: A security breach, when the managed or forwarded personal data is incidentally or unlawfully perished, lost, changed, an unauthorized disclosure happens or somebody gets an unauthorized access.
  • The data management principles of the GDPR:
    • legality, fair procedures and transparency
    • aim fixity
    • Data economy
    • Punctuality (up-to-date)
    • Limited storage ( only for the purpose to reach the aim of managing, regarding time and form)
    • Integrity and confidentiality )data safety, technical acts, encryption)
    • accountability ( the data managers is accountable for the principles above and has to attest the suitability)

The data management has to have a concrete aim, and with this also a legal base is associated.

Legal base:

  • the consent from the person concerned
  • it is necessary to fulfil the contract ( one of the concerned parties)
  • to fulfil the legal obligation ( concerning the data manager)
  • it is necessary to validate essential interests ( the person concerned or third party)
  • it is of general interest or regarding the practice of public license granted to the data manager
  • legitimate interest ( regarding the data manager) – has to be deliberated


The consent has to be presented in an unequivocally and distinctive way and the data manager has to prove this presentation. It can be withdrawn any time.

The data manager has to give the person concerned a briefing about the managing of their personal data in a compact, understandable, transparent and easily accessible way – phrased clearly and articulate. (Beyond rationalism additional fee can be charged)

This includes:

  • the person and contact information of the data manager
  • if there is one, the data protection officer’s contact information
  • the aim and legal base of managing personal data
  • if there is one, the addressee of the data
  • the period of data storage, or their aspects
  • the rights of the person concerned

(Access, correction, erasure, restriction, objection or withdrawal, data carrying)

  • Contact information of supervising authority, where they can submit a complaint
  • if they are obliged to give personal data, and if they refuse, what consequences does it have
  • if there is an automated decision –making or profiling, and if these have consequences
  • the source of the data if it is not from the person concerned


The tasks of the data manager:

They implements proper technical and organizational measures to ensure and prove, that the management of personal data is in consistency with the regulation.

The briefing of the person or people concerned regarding the types of managed data, the aim of data management, its legal base, period, the rights of the person concerned in context of data management.

They supervise these measures and if necessary they make it up-to-date.

If regarding the data management it is proportional, they also practice the rule of internal data protection.

Further information about GDPR

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